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Generic Plan - SOS Pharmacy & Natural Health Store - Brooklyn, New York

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Generic Plan

Cavinton medicine

At SOS Pharmacy & Natural Health Store, we understand that medications can be quite expensive. However, we don’t want our customers to miss their prescriptions because they are unable to afford it. In an effort to make our products more budget-friendly and accessible to those who need it, we offer our Generic Plan.

With our Generic Plan, we offer our customers with an affordable way to buy medications, thus, saving a lot on your medical expenses. Similar to their brand name counterparts, our generic products are still effective in the treatment of various health conditions and diseases – the only difference is that you won’t have to pay as much for generic products.

To learn more about our Generic Plan, speak with one of our representatives today. You may come visit our pharmacy or contact us at 855-767-6337 for further details.